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The 2012-2014 Global Expansion Plan: Legacy Fund

Thanks to you, we’re growing!

Since 2005 growth of the Friendship Force has been powered by donations to the Legacy Fund from clubs and friends around the world. In 2012 a three-year Global Expansion Plan was launched with four important initiatives, which together will enable the Friendship Force to grow by 20%.

1. Establishing 45 new clubs around the world.
2. Expanding themed exchanges and new programs
3. Developing volunteer leadership for the future
4. Promoting the Friendship Force globally.

With your help, the Global Expansion Plan will succeed. By submitting your financial support online you help FFI keep administrative costs low.

Donate to the Legacy Fund to support the Global Expansion Plan.

Thank you! You are making a significant contribution to the power of friendship!

Learn more about the Global Expansion Plan.